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Letter from the Editor

Over the past few years, our work lives have undergone significant transformations. We've all seen a shift in how we work, where we work, and how we feel about our work. As we redefine "business as usual," many have added fears and concerns about the potential impact of AI on job security. Amid all the changes, I've witnessed the ongoing need for diversity, equity, and inclusion improvement.

Personal things I've experienced in my career have made me want to shift some of my focus towards disability inclusion. During difficult situations, I found myself struggling to articulate my needs and feelings, often resulting in frustration and anger that I even had to say anything at all. It takes so little to help a disabled person feel included or that they matter. I've had many sleepless nights about how some situations could or should have been handled differently. If they had more empathy, things could have resulted in a much more positive experience. It raised the crucial question: “How can organizations learn from their mistakes if no one speaks up?” So, this past year, I decided that it was time for me to be the one to help them learn how.

And it's not just an issue for people like me. Time and time again, I've heard distressing work-related stories from people I deeply respect and admire. They're frustrated by a lack of understanding of their place in the world. They've shared their experiences of feeling disrespected and ignored in professional settings and workplaces. I've listened to them share their side of these experiences, and I understand exactly where they're coming from. There are still so many organizations still getting it wrong! They need to be more indifferent or uneducated on how to do better, to be better. There is still so much information and education required. We all keep asking ourselves, why do these issues keep happening? In 2023, even after the pandemic, employers still don't get it.

Over the past year, I've felt a calling. Although I love being a Marketer and working with my clients, I also have a passion for helping others with disabilities. I've always said that if I can leave any legacy in this life, I want it to be for trying to show others what is possible despite their physical (or mental) challenges. I also want to be a catalyst for change and to live out my mission. I want to help employees learn to navigate difficult conversations. I want to teach managers to empathize with those reporting to them. I also want to show business owners or employers that they should prioritize workplace culture as much or more than they do profits.

I've created a place for open dialogue where we can share our stories to prevent the same issues from continuing. Please read these stories and listen to the podcasts for the lessons in their words. I've tried to create a place for open dialogue where we can share our stories to prevent the same issues from continuing. We'll explore organizational culture, diversity, equity and inclusion, employee engagement, ageism, disability inclusion, Veterans in the workplace, women in business, leadership, and more. We'll share career advice and resources where you can find additional training and development on these topics.  The bottom line- This will be a site built for those who feel that there is a place for everyone, that everyone should feel included, and that differences should be celebrated.

Culture Is King is a culmination of years of experience curating content and having lots of discussions with peers or mentors on what workplace culture should be. Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most amazing people who are so gracious with their time, energy, and expertise. I'm genuinely grateful to know every one of the contributors featured on this site. They've taught me so many lessons through the conversations we've had.

I'm thrilled to have now built a vehicle to amplify their messages, and I have so much respect for people who share of themselves so willingly. Take a moment to read their stories. If you take even one small thing away from each one, it will have all been worth it. I also hope you will continue reading, listening & watching as we dive into these critical topics. And please always remember that knowledge is power, and culture really should be king.



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