Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We must ask, “How does this new person bring perspective and ideas to the table we currently do not have?” Only when we do and realize that all voices matter (young or old, gay or straight, white or not, abled or not or anything else) will we have a chance to become a relevant and vital organization that moves beyond being a commodity and instead becomes one that people gravitate to and respect.
Ben Baker
In insurance, women are paid less. We see it in hiring practices, promotion practices, and everything in between. Our industry continues to have issues not just with gender equity, but with race, disability, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. If you claim not to see it, look again.
Elisa Stampf
We have pre-conceived notions on many topics as we become adults, mostly because of what we learned during our youth from our elders.‍
Mercy Komar
The power of inclusion cannot be underestimated, and the benefits of hiring people with disabilities are both profound and transformative.
Stacie King