Renee Bruns

Renee is a former executive who left her role at a Fortune 500 on a mission to see the

world and reshape her views of humanity. After a life of living with an undiagnosed

physical disability that caused her to use a wheelchair full-time, she set out to find her

place in this world.

Through her travels to 118 countries, all 7 continents, and all 50 states, she became a

Guinness World Record Holder and has been featured on numerous media sites. She is

currently working on a book to share her story of navigating the world with a physical

disability and the series of events that led her to live non-traditionally but full of


Renee is also working on a doctorate degree where her research is focused on positive

psychology and the impacts it has on the workforce. If you are interested in working with

Renee from a professional standpoint or simply want to learn how to live more

authentically, please reach out to Renee at or visit

Motivational Speaker and Life & Career Coach
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Renee says that when she attends events, it's a literal statement that she people are looking down at her, but she also feels that there is a subliminal message that is received from those standing around her. She highlights the difficulties she encounters at events where high top tables and a lack of low seating options make socializing uncomfortable.
Renee Bruns
Remote work is more than a comfort issue. It’s more than a benefit. It’s more than flexibility. It’s a radically important option for your employees. If they are able to remove the barriers of dealing with their challenges and focus fully on their work, you and your company will also reap those benefits.
Renee Bruns