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Life Lessons From A Gyrsoscope
Just like the gyroscope, even the most sophisticated and well planned do run the risk ofslowing down, experiencing outside influences, and becoming less effective.
Beyond the Status Quo: Reimagining the Office Experience
You will never understand the challenges people face and the extra stress coming back to the office puts on them and their families that you could quickly mitigate. Now is the time to realize that a new way of thinking and a new set of solutions are required to keep valuable employees and remain profitable and relevant in the long run.
Looking Down on Someone
Renee says that when she attends events, it's a literal statement that she people are looking down at her, but she also feels that there is a subliminal message that is received from those standing around her. She highlights the difficulties she encounters at events where high top tables and a lack of low seating options make socializing uncomfortable.
Navigating Workplace Fear: A Real Talk on Fostering Innovation
In his inspiring piece, Ryan Deeds encourages us to shift into gear and cultivate a growth mindset, open communication, and a culture of supporting risk-takers in our workplaces. By doing so, we can transform our organizations into hubs of innovation where everyone can unleash their creativity and drive real progress. Let's turn this vision into reality!
Building a Common Language for Accountability: Keys to Successful Leadership
Ben Baker emphasizes the need for effective communication and the establishment of a common language and agreed-upon objectives to facilitate collaboration and ensure accountability. Additionally, he stresses the importance of leaders being accountable themselves, as it sets the tone for their teams. In this article Ben encourages regular check-ins and collaboration, highlighting the universal applicability of these principles across different organizational levels and departments.
Someone You Know Is Neurodivergent
Describes neurodiversity and the opportunity for insurance leaders to address the industry talent crisis through minor accommodations in how you attract, hire, and retain talent
  Mental Health in the Workplace
Hope can breed happiness, confidence, and all sorts of positive emotions that are much more tied to positive performance and well-being.
Why I Built Culture Is King
Time and time again, I've heard distressing work-related stories from people I deeply respect and admire. They're frustrated by a lack of understanding of their place in the world. They've shared their experiences of feeling disrespected and ignored in professional settings and workplaces. I've listened to them share their side of these experiences, and I understand exactly where they're coming from. There are still so many organizations still getting it wrong!
What is an Internal Communications Strategy, And Why Should You Care?
What are you doing within your organization to lay out an effective communication strategy that enables you to let people know what is about to happen, what is happening, what is going to happen, why, and how they are precisely and individually crucial to overall success?
I Performed Better at Work Because No One Could See My Wheelchair
Remote work is more than a comfort issue. It’s more than a benefit. It’s more than flexibility. It’s a radically important option for your employees. If they are able to remove the barriers of dealing with their challenges and focus fully on their work, you and your company will also reap those benefits.
Infect Others with Positivity
How we look at situations dictates how we feel. While how we feel dictateshow we act, it also impacts all those around us – for better or worse.
What Makes Me Tic
It's not about what sets you apart; it's about embracing it and letting your authenticity shine.
Why Should a Hybrid Employee Come to the Office?
This article discusses the challenges and benefits of hybrid work arrangements and emphasizes that hybrid employees do not necessarily dislike the office itself but rather the daily commute.
DEI Must Include EVERYONE’s Voice
We must ask, “How does this new person bring perspective and ideas to the table we currently do not have?” Only when we do and realize that all voices matter (young or old, gay or straight, white or not, abled or not or anything else) will we have a chance to become a relevant and vital organization that moves beyond being a commodity and instead becomes one that people gravitate to and respect.
Why Don’t We Talk About Getting It Wrong?
As we think about culture in our organizations, how do we respond to someone “missing the mark”? Is it met with sighs of disgust, or is it met with “thank you for telling me, let’s work on this together.”? I’ve learned that perhaps “getting it right” is knowing that you’ve made mistakes (maybe even every mistake in the book), and then you keep going.
Equal Pay Day: Insurance Ranked Worst for Paying Women Fairly
In insurance, women are paid less. We see it in hiring practices, promotion practices, and everything in between. Our industry continues to have issues not just with gender equity, but with race, disability, and LGBTQ+ inclusion. If you claim not to see it, look again.
How to Embrace People With Disabilities In Your Business: A Disability Advocate Explains
To develop an institution of inclusivity, people with disabilities must be represented and embraced at every level.
Influence isn't a Magic Wand
At its core, influence is about understanding people.
Organizational Culture in Today’s Insurance Agency
Building relationships between personnel from different departments through activities such as group lunches or volunteering provides a more harmonious atmosphere for collaboration regarding projects or initiatives.
Merging The Enthusiasm Of Today’s Youth With The Wisdom Of Our Elders
We have pre-conceived notions on many topics as we become adults, mostly because of what we learned during our youth from our elders.‍
What You Permit, You Allow
Unfortunately, strong values and desire aren’t always enough. Without a great deal of execution and very hard work, a company culture can be no better than that of a company who’s doing nothing to define one.
Embracing Diversity to Cultivate a Strong, Innovative Workplace
The power of inclusion cannot be underestimated, and the benefits of hiring people with disabilities are both profound and transformative.